Gigi – Transformational Shoot

Transformational leadership, motivational and yes even life changing are the best descriptions for what I felt after my photo opportunity with the Artist known as Tonesha! While I was excited about having the photos taken, I was not prepared for the experience of working with the caliber of the professionals involved with the event. And[…]

Kelly N. – Group Member

You inspired me big time just by starting Creative Souls…and I remember you asked sometime if seeing other artists’ good work made us feel inspired or inferior. It was an interesting topic that I have thought back on many times. I have actually experienced both feelings and your question alone brought awareness to my feelings[…]


Petite Cakes

Tonesha’s artistic gift in photography and innate coaching skills have been instrumental to identifying the brand for my business. She listens intentionally and lends her creative talent to deliver results. I highly recommend her services.