Some Day…

Some Day… is the worse phrase a person who wants to achieve a goal or even a dream can say. Some Day keeps you held back in a dream-like state with no beginning.  Some Day has no urgency to begin and definitely no deadline for completion; it’s simply intangible.  Listen to this, “Some Day, I am going to be a great life coach“, “Some Day, I will help my clients set attainable goals to push themselves pass mediocrity“.  Does that sound like I take myself seriously?  I think not.  If it sounds bad for me to say Some Day, it should sound as bad for you.  Stop using it!

It’s okay to believe in yourself, push yourself and keep moving forward.  Go ahead, challenge yourself to start today and give yourself a completion date too.  What is the worse that could happen?  It could perhaps change your perception of what you think you can really achieve. Here is a better phrase for my endeavors in becoming a life coach… “By February 2014, I will begin my coaching practice–helping my clients set attainable goals to push themselves pass mediocrity.”  This sounds better, right? Sounds like a coach you’d like to work with?  This is not a shameless plug, my Some Day has come.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way…What’s one, three or five things you’d like to do before you die?  Send me an email, I’d like to know.


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