My Life Coaching Journey


FullSizeRender_1Allow me to take you on my life coaching journey.  Fact:I love the art of photography.  I love helping people.  I love being of service to people artfully.  I found happiness when I discovered how to marry what I love into a passionate lifestyle.  My mission is to Empower and Inspire one Women who will then Empower and Inspire many Entrepreneurs, Housewives, Mothers and Daughters, but most of all, Lovely Women like you!.

Passion:  Falling in love with photography began my great escape.  It started with one picture that was recognized as picture-of-the month at the photo lab.  Since the technician called me a pro, I started acting like a pro—in reality, I knew next to nothing about photography.  I went on a quest to teach myself the basic levels of photography before reaching out to a working professional for mentor-ship.  Unfortunately, I didn’t learn much of the technical stuff that had me puzzled; I decided to continue the journey completely solo, I wanted to develop a style of my own.  I started blogging my art.  I met my first paying wedding client through my blog.  I couldn’t believe my work spoke to her in such a way that she would entrust her memories in the hands of a newbie, a self-taught photographer–me.

My Life Coaching Journey Begins:  Wedding photography has taught me through the years that it’s not about me, it’s about listening to what my bridle clients wanted. Before the wedding, I would meet with my clients to design (coach) the perfect wedding story so that all of their must-haves (goals) would be fulfilled and built into a schedule (action plan) to stay on track recover from any timing mishaps (time management).  I guess my purpose to coach was being born.

Life happened for me.  After shooting weddings for four years, it was my time to have a wedding story.  I re-married to a wonderful photographer from the Midwest.  We decided that I’d leave NY to form an unstoppable wedding photography duo.  I was so overjoyed to form this new business union that I didn’t see the warning signs in front of me.  In the six months of marriage, I didn’t see the lies and shady business practices that went on. The marriage turned out to be one of the worse life altering decisions I had ever made.  The demise shattered my dreams and left me broken, I wanted nothing to do with photography. I headed back east—homeless.  I had to live with relatives for a few months before I was able to stand up again.

I lived and worked through my pain and shame. There were two things that made me feel like myself: conversations with my grandmother and church.  Both helped me hold on to my values.  I knew rock-bottom wasn’t my home; I knew that as soon as I started to believe in myself again, I’d be okay, but the wounds were still deep.  I did everything I could do to hide my pain.

I was approached by life coach at church.  She helped me come up with a starting point for my journey.  I had to decide to rebuild my confidence and start to dream again.  The hardest part of my journey to wellness was trusting my judgment.  I had to take my life back and live by my accord.  I slowly started shooting with my camera again. I quickly built a word-of-mouth client base in Atlanta, GA.

Purpose:  A few years later, my life coaching A ha! moment came right after I wrapped up my first movie short, Documentary of a Photo Shoot.  I had asked the two women I photographed to talk about their experience.  I wanted to know how they felt about their before and after glamour shoot with me.  We sat down at the table with the camera on record.

Neither of the ladies had self-esteem issues, but they said they felt beautiful, liberated and empowered to step out of their respective comfort zones to try something new.  Seeing their inner beauty come to the forefront made them feel unstoppable.  It was there, that I made the connection with my passion for photography & purpose to coach.  I felt I had a story to share and tools to empower.

I have added the Certified Life Coach designation aside my Professional Photographer title with specific emphasis on helping women with confidence by identifying their important goals, and designing specific step-by-step plans needed keep them moving forward, forever.  Being a skilled photographer and life coach, I offer Creative Visioning coaching sessions.  The Creative Visioning sessions takes our coaching relationship up a notch as it lends visual proof that you can live your life by design when you start seeing yourself morph into your personal brand.  My mission is to Empower and Inspire one woman who will then Empower and Inspire another Businesswoman, Happy Housewife, Loving Mother or Daughter and even the next Lovely Woman like you! You see, my life coaching journey has a purpose, I had to peel back the layers. I can help you too.  Start —>here<— to start working with me.