Facts About Life Coaching

Starting a coaching relationship is not complicated.  It’s all about you and your goals.  When you decide to invest in a coaching relationship, understand you are not just paying to have a conversation, you are investing in learning and implementing a whole new lifestyle that is designed for you. The tools learned will never expire, as you grow the tools will be used effortlessly.  Here are some general facts about life coaching you should know as well as my approach to working with clients.

Coaching - Tonesha's definition:

Coaching gives you support, accountability, motivation, and keeps you focused to take action of your goals.  Life Coaching with Tonesha follows the same concept with focused brainstorming lifestyle strategies; mindset shifts to help you get where you need to be in your business; discovering your passion and life vision; overcoming obstacles that get in the way of having the life you’ve designed.

How is coaching different from therapy or asking a friend for advice?

A therapist will work in-depth with the your past, perform behavioral analysis and in some instances, administer prescriptions.  A friend, especially a good friend, will naturally avoid saying things that might jeopardize your friendship or may offer advice that isn’t necessarily good for you.  Life Coaching with me will keep you focused on where you are today and will teach you the steps needed to fulfill your dreams even when you are challenged with future setbacks.

What to expect in a session with Tonesha?

Each session begins with YOU because you are the expert of your life.  We will begin by identifying your vision, goals, beliefs, and begin to take action tackling any limiting beliefs.  By the end of our coach-client relationship, you will have the confidence and tools needed to live your life by design.

How will you know if you're ready to work with me as your coach?

You’ve decided to Believe in Yourself and you are ready to customize your lifestyle by:

  • Tackling feelings of overwhelm and doubt from your daily life;
  • Taking your self-esteem to higher level;
  • Increasing business productivity through time management and organization;
  • Having an awesome Accountability Partner (me) to keep you focused and on track;
  • Developing healthy well-rounded relationships in love, family, your business and with yourself

How long is a coaching relationship?

My intense three-month coaching relationship is a highly recommended pace but keep in mind, the coach-client partnership varies on your desired goals, session frequency, and your specific situations.

What would I look for in a Coach?

I would look for a coach who champions the journey to my success.  She must be able to help me identify my vision and set goals and show me what to do when I’m distracted.  She will keep me accountable of the promises I made to myself.  She understands the hard work of self-development and perseverance women entrepreneurs must possess for success. I would look for a life coach who can appreciate life’s challenges and have overcome setbacks of her own, making her approachable, knowledgeable and trustworthy of my success plan.  

The reason I decided to become a Coach

I had a profound  A ha! moment during a post makeover photo shoot interview.  I’ve always been keen to self-development,  I  wanted to know how the two models felt about their experience being photographed in such a way. They spoke of feeling empowered as I coached them to reach their inner super model.  I was able to stretch them beyond their comfort zones and, more importantly, they said they trusted me when posing didn’t feel natural.  I was amazed at the conversation because I only took the vision they had of themselves and made them come alive with pictures.  I knew something powerful had happened–I discovered my purpose in detail. I’ve had two long-term coaching relationships in my life to help me get through “issues”.  Today, no matter what setback I face, I will always have the tools I was taught to jump over the hurdles in front of me.  I felt it was time for me to do more for my clients since they confided their insecurities and trusted me with their personal image.  In life, there is no Photoshop.  I couldn’t deny the calling.  I did the work to  add Certified Life Coach to my title.
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